Evoco Life Podcast


Evoco host, Ashley Ohl and Jennifer Tonge share their thoughts and experiences on a variety of subjects that impact the daily lives of modern women. We delve into metaphysical science and ideas, exploring the worlds of religion, astrology, mysticism, philosophy, dreams, extrasensory perception, parapsychology, and life after death. We also explore astrology, discussing how the zodiac influences individual behaviors, personality traits, and interpersonal relationships.

Mental and physical health are also important topics for us. We believe that taking care of ourselves is crucial to our well-being and success, so we share tips and insights on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also discuss parenthood, sharing our own stories and perspectives on raising children in today's world.

Race relations are a key topic on the Evoco podcast, as we offer our unique perspectives as Xenal women from drastically different backgrounds. We have open and honest discussions about the challenges and triumphs of navigating race relations in America.

We also explore the worlds of numerology and pop culture, sharing our reactions to funny topics and current news events. We strive to keep our conversations engaging and relatable, while also offering valuable insights and takeaways for our listeners.

At the Evoco podcast, our goal is to create a safe and welcoming space where our listeners can explore new ideas and perspectives, while also learning practical tips and strategies for living their best lives. Join us on our journey of discovery and growth!